• I’m sorry to say this but after using Wedocs with the pro version, it is a terrible plugin, adding countless useless scripts to all pages (and if I disable it on the front page with Perfmatters it will not work anywhere else)

    The support is also awful, answering in more than a month to anything (if it answers at all!)

    Makes the pages very slow, like 8 seconds load on mobile, tho all my other websites not using this plugin are fast. If I disable this plugin on some pages (using Perfmatters plugin) those pages are fast.

    There are also problems with the plugin itself as it has problems with displaying properly on all devices (the widget will not fit smaller laptops for example), and the AI chat, which is the reason why I bought the plugin, didn’t work at all for a month, and it’s not really working good now, it offers only one answer instead of searching through all the docs, showing all the relevant links (in the past it used to show 2 links, now just one).

    Why do you make this plugin so terrible (when I enable it it doubles my source code lines, from 1600 lines to over 3300 lines!), loading so many scripts if it doesn’t even need them? even disabling the widget will not stop the scripts loading. Disabling the plugin will remove all these scripts. for example, look what it loads:

    ‘react-dom-js’, ‘wp-escape-html-js’, ‘wp-element-js’, ‘wp-is-shallow-equal-js’,
    ‘wp-keycodes-js’, ‘wp-priority-queue-js’, ‘wp-compose-js’, ‘wp-private-apis-js’,
    ‘wp-redux-routine-js’, ‘wp-data-js’, ‘wp-blob-js’, ‘wp-autop-js’,
    ‘wp-block-serialization-default-parser-js’, ‘wp-html-entities-js’, ‘wp-rich-text-js’,
    ‘wp-shortcode-js’, ‘wp-blocks-js’, ‘moment-js’, ‘wp-date-js’, ‘wp-primitives-js’,
    ‘wp-warning-js’, ‘wp-components-js’, ‘wp-keyboard-shortcuts-js’, ‘wp-commands-js’,
    ‘wp-notices-js’, ‘wp-preferences-persistence-js’, ‘wp-preferences-js’,
    ‘utils-js’, ‘moxiejs-js’, ‘plupload-js’, ‘json2-js’, ‘underscore-js’,
    ‘media-models-js’, ‘wp-plupload-js’, ‘mediaelement-core-js’, ‘mediaelement-migrate-js’,
    ‘wp-polyfill-inert-js’, ‘regenerator-runtime-js’, ‘wp-polyfill-js’,
    ‘media-views-js’, ‘media-editor-js’, ‘media-audiovideo-js’, ‘wp-api-fetch-js’,
    ‘wp-deprecated-js’, ‘react-js’, ‘wp-url-js’, ‘wp-a11y-js’, ‘clipboard-js’,
    ‘wp-api-request-js’, ‘wp-mediaelement-js’, ‘backbone-js’, ‘jquery-ui-sortable-js’,
    ‘wp-dom-ready-js’, ‘wp-hooks-js’, ‘wp-i18n-js’

    why? if you want to have a chance with this plugin, please work on its optimization!

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  • Plugin Support Md. Yeasin


    Hi @dreamsoft,

    As per the forum guideline, we can not disclose any pro-related issues/discussions here. We have responded on time from our support. Please check your email.

    No worries, our developer team is working on your mentioned file and loading issues. kindly contact us through the website for further assistance.

    Thanks for your understanding,

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