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  • I have been using this plugin for years. It’s great for alerting you to things like core WP changes, files added where they shouldn’t be, plugin/theme activation/deactivation, and more. Unfortunately it lacks a few features that would truly make it a must-have. First, it logs everything which is great but the log files grow so large the plugin cannot even parse them, and ultimately it will bring down your entire site with memory issues. I just experienced this issue recently and had to manually delete two log files that were 307MB and 580MB via FTP. A simple thing like log pruning (i.e. retain 14, 30, 90 days) would probably fix that. Second, since it does log everything, you would think it would be helpful to, for example, track down when a plugin was installed or last updated. Good luck there! There are no search or audit tools to actually use the massive log files it creates. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see the revision history for a plugin or maybe the login history of a user? Nope…can’t do that. If and when I find a better plugin that monitors activity, this one is going in the trash bin. Sorry Sucuri 🙁

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