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  • This add-on is a great idea. I work for a small animal rescue and I was hoping something like this would come along. It’s a great first-go.

    That being said, I think it should have been in pre-release numbers (0.6, rather than 1.0) as it is very unfinished. I would have assumed at 1.0 it would have been significantly more polished.

    There needs to be some degree over control of various factors — such as changing the name of the option ‘desexed’ to the proper terms (neutered / spayed), as ‘desexed’ is a very harsh and strange word at least in the Western world anyway.

    Adjustment over font size and type where the options are concerned would be good, as the answers on any one pet’s page to the options (such as gender, ‘desexed’, etc) appear in an extremely small font. I could go into the code and change it myself, but that sort of change immediately gets erased upon the next update, so I’d like to see control over that added to the user’s end without having to go code-crawling.

    There is also a huge white space to the right of the image, rather than allowing the text to wrap nicely which would make so much more sense.

    I’d also like to see the option to display a complete list, including small thumbnails, of pets on the Pets Page / search page itself underneath the search options. Visuals are -huge- in the pet rescue arena. If you aren’t drawing your audience in with visuals, people lose interest very quickly. Just having a link to a category is not enough in my opinion. There should be the option to have a default list of all animals (or at least all adoptable animals) displayed below the search options so that the user can see something enticing for having visited the page at all, rather than just seeing a bunch of text.

    And finally, the ‘Status’ indicator when you set a category (of which my test categories are Adoptable, Adopted, Not Available and Adoption Pending) displays directly over the image you set. As in smack right in the middle of the image. This is incredibly inconvenient as it blocks a portion of what is already a small photo (photo size options would be nice, almost necessary in my opinion when you’re talking animal rescue) and looks terrible and awkward.


    It’s really not a bad little product for a first release, but I’d say it needs a lot of polishing before it should have been released as a full 1.0 candidate, and I look forward to future release candidates that are more ‘ready’.

    All in all, this add-on is not, at it’s 1.0 phase, something I will be switching our rescue’s website to any time soon. It is just far too unfinished.

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  • Plugin Author Diana K. Cury



    Versioning is pretty related to the author maintenance availability/changes done in the meanwhile. Also this plugin will not merge features found on thousand others plugins – display settings, styles, skins, galleries etc aren’t this plugin’ goal.

    You can change/adjust the plugin style by adding the plugin stylesheet content to your theme stylesheet styles.css, then in order to prevent plugin stylesheet from loading too, add the following to your functions.php:

    add_action( 'wp_print_styles', 'my_deregister_styles', 100 );
    function my_deregister_styles() {
    	wp_deregister_style( 'pet-style' ); //Pet Manager

    No sure about why to use neuter, spayed, I had choose to use the term desexed as I found in the


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