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  • I have no idea how the old plugin worked, from what I can tell from the reviews, I would have liked the old version better.

    I installed on one of my sites and set up everything I could. While I really like the concept, and I think it would have worked nicely for my site, I found I didn’t like a few things:

    1. Web-based management. It’s terribly inconvenient to have to go to another website to manage something about my wordpress pages. Let me change my settings in wordpress. This idea just doesn’t make sense, what if i had to go to a different website for each plug-in I use on my site?

    2. Free version actually had most of the features I was looking for, save for the size option. The standard bar is too big for my taste/site. I would suggest adding a few more social networking options to the free version.

    3. Feeds didn’t work the way I want them to. RSS and Twitter only gave me the most recent post/tweet. Terribly annoying to see the same two things over and over again. (PS: your documentation is wrong, for twitter it’s called API key/secret, not ‘consumer key/secret’ anymore)

    4. Value: I probably would have bought the old ‘pro’ version that was a flat cost and had the settings integrated into wordpress. The current web-managed subscription-model pricing doesn’t offer me anything I’m willing to pay forever for.

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