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  • It’s been what, ten years since the depreciation and demonization of tables? Now with the power of Gutenberg, I can take a elegant, media rich page layout that was done with evil tables and transform it into a incomprehensible mess with zero hope of repair or ability to replicate from scratch in Gutenberg. Gutenberg has sucked the hope of simple, easy, intuitive and flexible page layout tool for editing content, right out of my heart. RIP Classic editor. While far from perfect, at least you didn’t break my heart.

    Want to highlight a word or phrase in red or blue or give it a background color to call it out in the paragraph? NO!

    Want to change the font size of a note and have it tucked directly under a paragraph with a larger font? NO!!

    Want to do anything beyond a basic txt editor besides super basic bold or italic or multiple fonts or styles/sizes within a paragraph? No!!!

    This is a giant leap back into uselessness. Why?

    The hate for Gutenberg is real… and well deserved. 🙁

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  • designsimply


    Thanks for writing in with feedback. Tables have been a request for a long time. There is a right time and a place for tables, data! And hopefully they will be used more for good and not for layout. 🙂



    Thanks for responding.

    Until there is a easy way to layout images and content together in a table like visually aligned structure… then tables are still the only option that easily works.

    The argument that tables are only “right” for data is fine until you want to make a page actually look good and be visually more readable with things more than “data”

    This has been a problem for decades now. Designers care and need layout ease. we need it for data and objects because visually they are all interchangeable and need to be easily moved, placed and aligned with each other. That’s just reality. I wish someone on the programming side would get it and create an answer that is easy and works.

    I get more and more frustrated with Gutenberg every time I use it. Every page I edit seems to reveal yet another thing that it can’t do that was easy to do before and now either doesn’t exist or get broken by Guten.

    I’m all for progress and I’m willing to take a step back in order to move forward and ultimately further forward… but this just feels and works like a backwards walk off the cliff.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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