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  • So we were getting spammed 5 times a day by the same people for ringtones. needless to say, They will be having trouble with their email now due to some other nasty things we did back to them for spamming us and not stopping as requested.

    Just as a quick reference the company hosting the site had a link the said spam complaints. then they replied basically we don’t care. So I grabbed all their contact emails. And started making job listings, home rentals ect. for hookers, drugs, hackers, ect. Asking them to reply to a different email every time. Ha I hope they enjoy the hookers resumes lol.

    So to just stop them I looked and most of these spam comments all come from just a couple ip addresses. I went into my Htaccess file and added these 3 lines of code at the top of the file.
    order allow,deny
    deny from
    allow from all
    for you the ip may change, but the code will be the same.

    to add more than one ip just repeat
    deny from
    multiple times before you state
    allow from all

    Hope this helps !!!STOP THE SPAM!!! 🙂


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  • thanks for that, we have been getting up to 40 or so spam emails a day…so now i have goner to the cpanel and found a feature “ip deny” and put the ip in……will report back in a few days…cheers gabriel

    i think it is working..have not had any spam since putting in the ip deny…




    yeah good luck with that 😛 there are thousands of proxy servers available on the web.. it’s a waste of time and energy to use an htaccess solution to block them all unless you use CIDR notation and are very careful in how you apply it. And even then, it becomes unmanageable fast. It also slows down your site considerably to have Apache parsing a long winded .htaccess on every page hit.

    whooami, so what do you advice to block spammers? Need your advice.

    the best anti-spam solution is to delete your blog, shut down your email address and throw your PC into the atlantic (or the pacific if you prefer, the indian ocean probably would still get it spammed)

    use akismet, maybe a captcha plugin, be happy…

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    I vote for the “PC into the Atlantic” option myself. Or off the building, whichever is more convenient.

    Installing Akismet and Bad Behavior cut my spam to hardly anything.





    I have a roll my own solution, pretty much

    That list of IPS is all pretty much blocked from my entire network, though, and thats automatically updated via some private scripts

    As for plugins, I use 2 — one I wrote for myself that helps to feed that list, and spam karma 2

    whooami, thanks for the info.

    I use WebHashCash, hacked in to my wp-comments-post.php and on my theme’s comment section. It requires commenters to “pay” a processing fee by computing a hash in java before allowing the post to go public. The downside? You have to require java. The upside? No comment spam. At all.

    may as well turn off comments, as the only people you’d get commenting are idiots and those with no self-respect.

    make me work for the privilege of commenting on your site? Yeah right… you should work for the privilege of my comment.

    I find a simple “human” test works just fine… better than a captcha image. Requiring someone to answer one of a set of random questions, such as “what is the color of snow?” works well and definitely cuts the spam way down.

    It’s sort of a price you pay for allowing comments. Another helpful trick to not allow ANY links at all. Much of the spam I’ve seen contains one or more links… it’s the reason behind spamming.

    yeah I use that too, the human tests seemed to cut down everything on my blog and what it doesn’t, aikema does the rest..

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