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  • logaritym


    The plugin has very nice features and works great. It has shortcodes, customizations, and renders the pdf/print pages well.
    However, the free version creates tons of indexed followed pdf and print pages which will ruin your SEO. This is even not mentioned in the description of the free version, and I imagine there are tons of users who unknowingly suffer because of the malicious practice. The developer’s excuse is that the basic version is supposed not to overwhelm the user, but the idea that one extra checkbox can be confusing is preposterous. Also, even if you believe this, no-indexing and no-following should be enabled by default and turned on in the PRO version, not vice-versa.
    Another problem is the customer service. If you send an email with more than 1 question, the representative often does not read the message properly and does not reply to everything.
    Despite these two issues, I liked a lot the plugin and purchased a 2-year license for the PRO version. On my website’s blog and archives, I display all posts in full content (without excerpts). While the PDF and PRINT buttons appear properly on every post in the single and blog pages, they are missing on archive pages. I asked the developers to fix this issue and they told me the price is at least $50 for the “customization”. I am not a developer and needed 10min to find the problematic file (pdf-print-pro in the main directory) and erase a few characters from the code (look at function pdfprnt_content) to make it work. Being asked to pay $50+ for such a fundamental functionality and basic fix for me is unacceptable.

    plugin – awesome – 5 stars
    SEO damage – totally unacceptable – minus 2 stars
    customer service – needs improvement – minus 1 star
    $50+ charge for a basic fix – unprofessional – minus 1 star

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  • Plugin Author bestwebsoft



    Thank you for your feedback.

    The functionality presented in the free plugin version is quite sufficient for the majority of our users.

    @jdembowski the review is more about paid version and paid customization.

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    Indeed, the review is partly about the PRO version of the plugin, but it is good to let the others know that your team is denying to fix anything without additional payments. My PRINT/PDF buttons are still not working properly on archives and I have to spend again lots of time studying your code and making adjustments (which had to be included in the first place). I do not know if the problem is the customer service representative or the company itself, but I have never encountered such issues before.
    Also, as I said, probably the majority of the users do not know that their SEO is getting damaged by using the free version of the plugin. Apart from the indexing issue, the plugin is great and this is visible from the reviews.
    You seem like a prolific company with many quality plugins, I just hope you start treating your customers better.

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