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  • I’d have given it 5 as it’s really a great plugin with many good features and all for free! Serves my new built site well. I was able to import all my users from an old non-WP site and had them automatically subscribed to my elementary mailing-list. So far so good, and really good, easy to use and understand, but then I noticed something.

    One user decided to change her email through the profile page, but then she wasn’t able to login. The reason was that she thought she had changed her account email, and when I checked thing in the backend I found the inconsistency with here new email in the subscription list, with her old email still in the wp_user table.

    I think made another test from one of my test accounts, and changed email in the wp_user table, and yes sorry to say, it never changed in the subscription table.

    I see this as a flaw, and the typical reason why you do database normalization when you build a database application, as storing the same value twice on different location is an invitation to trouble.

    I don’t know if there is a special reason, WP limitation etc. behind this or if the dev even see this as a feature, but to me it’s definitely a flaw. I would be happy to come back and add the last star to my review if/when this is amended, or at least that you have the option to set this behaviour take place when a user change their email, either in the newsletter profile or the user profile.

    I may add though, that I can see a case for a user to choose a different account and newsletter email, so maybe an option in the subscription profile like a checkbox “Change account email as well”. However, if the email change takes place in the main WP user profile, then the most likely reason is that he/she intend to retire the email, so the email should change there as well.

    I think the main point here from a user perspective is that the average Joe Sixpack and Betty Blue user has no clue that the email is stored at 2 different locations.

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