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  • I chose this plugin because client wanted something very simple. No frills. No shopping cart, just a way to ask for information about each product.

    I would give it 5 stars if there weren’t so many usability design flaws.

    Rather than get into details, for the benefit of others so they don’t run into the same problems, whatever you do, don’t import your xls file more than once. Make sure it’s perfect the first time. And do not use the setting to use thumbnails unless your media settings are right and you never plan to change them. The problem is once things are in WordPress’s database, they can’t be changed without much effort.

    There are some serious usability problems on the front end as well, but if you don’t like the way something works, sometimes you can turn them off. I had to do that a few times, but not always just because I didn’t like the way they worked, but because they didn’t work at all.

    Because of the simple needs of this client, we are making do, but this software is far from the professional usability standards that many larger sites will require.

    Regarding support, while I was trying to learn the settings, tech support was really incredible. They were very patient and very helpful. And once I actually got the developer involved because it finally became clear that the main problem was too much for the tech support I was assigned initially, he too was extremely helpful.

    In spite of the technical and usability problems, I still love the software in concept and it does what we need which is provide a simple way for shoppers to inquire about our wholesale products. It’s just not perfect is all. I’m sure they are very capable developers, so I’m really hoping they’ll fix the problems in future releases. It all starts with admitting the flaws, though, and they’re not quite there yet. They really should do some usability testing, and they’ll see. So close, yet so far. Come on guys. I really want to love this.

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