• a library of books that you can display on your website. Genius. So many use cases. Authors selling books, check. Avid readers who want to blog about the books they love, check. An easy, intuitive way to sort these out – not so much.

    Bossy styles in plugin CSS – I have to override them all to match my site branding, and the default layouts are pretty clunky.

    No Featured Image – Can’t create my own layouts with popular page builders because none of them can find the book image, and I can’t even upload a featured image as a copy to be found.

    The publishers seem really passionate about helping authors grow online, and that is awesome. I wish they would get bought by a bigger company that can build something with better features and cleaner code. I kind of wish I would have just build this myself using a custom post type plugin for the client site I am building. I keep bumping into limitations, or things they thought of, but aren’t quite there, and places where I have to re-invent the square wheel on this one and that is frustrating. I would get the paid version if I trusted some of these issues would be more designer-site-builder friendly.

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