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  • OK, this is a re-rating previously i gave woocommerce 1 star, this was in the early days.

    since 2.3.0 woocommerce is now awesome, fantastic to use and much much faster

    would like to see the team innovate even more with the future and work on speed too

    loving the work since 2.3.0

    thanks guys

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  • Plugin Author James Koster


    Sorry, we do not offer free support. But purchasing an extension ($29) grants you access to our support channel.

    The extensions will not come down in price. But luckily for you we’re running a 25% off promotion this week 🙂

    tobe honest I have lost the will to bother, thank you for the reply it used to be months for a reply, but the least that can be done is offer support for woo commerce if you expect to make money from extensions etc, this sort of pay and you will get support is not good business

    sorry but thats my thoughts and probably many other people agree.

    no I wont be buying any more extensions they are just too pricey even with the sales pitch of 25% off, last time there was a “sale” prices had been hiked prior on some extensions thus killing any discount !

    you cannot operate like this and expect a following.

    yes the woocommerce is brilliant but you need to treat it like a friendly helpful business not a money making corporate enterprise like walmart or tescos you will only end up alienating people and when another shopping cart appears people will move on

    people on here are begging for help and no real help is forthcoming, if you build a plugin free or not don’t abandon people your reply would take you down to -10 stars

    Plugin Author James Koster


    The way WooCommerce operates as a business has not changed from day 1 we don’t have a -10 star rating just yet 😛

    We do offer support, but not for free. I don’t think $29 is an unreasonable price to get support for a website that is going to return way more on that investment.

    At the end of the day WooThemes is a business and needs to make money. We love the warm fuzzies of helping people, but we cannot give you everything for free. If we did that WooCommerce wouldn’t even exist in the first place. What we do give you for free is still enough to set up a feature-rich online store enabling you to start making money.

    I think you will struggle to find an eCommerce solution that offers all the features you want, plus support, for absolutely no cost whatsoever. But I would be very interested to hear about it if you do.

    you are missing my point

    you make this free because you are selling themes and plugins, but clearly you DO NOT understand this.

    why don’t you sell woocommerce for $29 then ! rather than messing about with what you are saying

    my point is you give this for free, 100’s of people post on the support forum and get little or no help, these people if given help would probably buy themes and plugins form you, comeon see the sense, I for one would never operate the way you do and then post a reply the way you did, I would have told the customer i was sorry and would look into offering a better service, simple but you are arguing with me and still expect me to buy more plugins lol yeh right get some business sense.

    DONT BOTHER REPLYING I AM NOT INTERESTED. I merely posted my review and this has turned into a selling exercise for you!

    Plugin Author James Koster


    WooCommerce itself is free and open source to stimulate community development of the core product. This benefits everyone. See how active our repository is over on Github as testament to this.

    I don’t expect you to buy anything, I’m just trying to explain our support policies, why we cannot offer on-demand support to everyone for free.

    I’m sorry you’re unhappy about that. Good luck with your web site.

    A 1 star review for this software that is FREE. Yes you have the option of buying extensions if you want added functionality. Tell me something, do you work for free Scruffy?

    You may not agree with their business practice, but scruffy, you’re rating the plugin, not the business. WooCommerce is a great product, for staring a small business it’s sufficient without any extensions.

    When it comes to support, you can get it right here from other users. Most threads don’t go unanswered, I guess this is a good example 🙂


    actually there are a large number of support threads unanswered going back weeks, months etc, other users will try and help where and when they can, but why do woo employees not bother or appear not to reply to support threads on here, it is like they dont want any help to be public, V2 is out I have not bothered to upgrade due to reading lots of issues and still there is little docs about it, it looks as if it was rushed out, I have bought plugins but guys this is not about free or paying this is about the support threads on WP website for woo which is sadly lacking this is their front page advert, people will spend more on plugins if they feel they can get hold of someone on this support forum for free, trying to submit a support ticket for anything on woo website is long and slow process annoying, is it not better to post here, another user reads and fixes without submitting a support ticket and hey all are happy.

    Vedran I counted a good % of unanswered posts, have a look or are you implying I am stupid

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley



    it is like they dont want any help to be public

    Do you realise how much work is involved in maintaining an eCommerce plugin of this scale? I suggest you take a look here: Notice all those commits from the WooTeam? I wouldn’t say we were not interested in helping the public given the amount of work which goes into the core, free plugin.

    V2 is out I have not bothered to upgrade due to reading lots of issues and still there is little docs about it, it looks as if it was rushed out

    v2 was in beta for months (since We had 3 beta, 3 release candidates. Most issues you are reading about are because 3rd parties didn’t bother testing. Nothing to do with us.

    trying to submit a support ticket for anything on woo website is long and slow process annoying

    Support tickets are guaranteed replies. The responses are well thought out and high quality. You have access to this – so why does the free support on .org even matter to you?

    The bottom line is, with this scale of plugin, if all support was free there would a) be no time left for development and b) we’d go out of business. I think its about time this thread was closed – you have obviously made up your mind 🙂

    I wasn’t implying you were stupid, but you do have unrealistic expectations. A LOT of hours went into WooCommerce, providing free support on top of all that would be like mowing your neighbors lawns with your own lawn mower – no one is that nice.

    I think its about time this thread was closed – you have obviously made up your mind 🙂


    i think this is a good ecommerce but it will be better atleast if we can get some help atleast to me make the wooecommerce runing,, im been having poblems for days and i cannot still have wooecommerce setup.
    please help

    I replied to you with some tips that should help you determine the cause…

    scruffy1 makes valid points. Support is crucial to WP Users, especially when they’re starting and testing things out. It’s also bad for your bottom line. Users who like the plugin, install, get it working, hopefully make some money; are probably going to buy some extensions in the future as their online business grows. They are valuable “leads.” I’ve yet to test drive this plugin, but I’m hoping to do so in the coming weeks. If I’m not able to get it to work and I can’t get help, then I’ll move on. All I’m saying is that “free” support makes business sense and should be built into your business model.
    Yes, I’d rather YOU spend your time developing and making this plugin even better, and grow your business. It’s easy to get someone else who has knowledge of the plugin to offer support on your behalf (I would outsource it). Even as little as 2 hours a week would help a lot in answering basic questions or pointing in the right direction. Hopefully, we’ll see a few support thread answered in the near future.

    Plugin Author James Koster


    @uwhoosh, free support is built into our business model, insomuch as it makes absolutely no business sense whatsoever for us to pursue it. In our experience, only a very small proportion of free users go on to be paying customers, regardless of whether you help them or not (excluding presales queries).

    To even come close to satisfying the free support demand we’d need to hire several new staff members, with zero guaranteed ROI. We simply cannot afford to do that.

    If you’re serious about setting up a WooCommerce site and get stuck, you can get dedicated support from people working with it day in and day out in our own support channels. If you’re serious about setting up a WooCommerce site, $29 really isn’t much of an expense for that service.

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