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  • I think this is an awesome theme, if only it truly worked on all or mostly “all devices” as is the claim. I’m glad I checked out the theme in IE8 before putting much work into it. The visual quality of this theme degrades significantly in IE8 and IE7.

    I checked my stats for “year to date” and see that 10% of my visitors used IE8 and 2% used IE7. I could live with something that isn’t IE7 compatible, but to leave out one of ten visitors to my site is unthinkable.

    Of course, that is due to the fact that my site is a business site and the crowd to which I cater. Still, though, it seems almost irresponsible to say that the theme looks great on all devices, as opposed to saying up front that it works with some browsers and not others.

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  • I stopped using the theme and am currently using a system other than wordpress. I think wp is great, but just wanted to try another system to see how it would go.

    It could be that the theme has been updated since I wrote this a couple months ago. I do suggest you try IE8 on at least one other computer if you can, just to make sure.

    I also made the decision to leave IE7 behind. Its not my favorite decision, but I am only one person and have to pick and choose what I am able to do.

    Someone replied to my post. After I answered, above, it seems this person deleted their post.

    What the guy said was that the theme was working under IE8 for him but not IE7. He also asked for screen shots, etc. Above was my response.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Twenty Twelve is not meant to work for old browser versions. It was built upon CSS Media Queries which fail in old browser versions.

    It really is too much to ask for a free theme vendor, to develop for old browser versions.

    Andrew, I totally agree with what you are saying in regards to asking too much from a free theme. As far as media queries and so forth are concerned, that is out of my area of expertise. — Mike

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Sorry, I deleted that guy’s comments because he was going around copying & pasting the same requests for help in other people’s months-old threads. He is supposed to create a thread in the correct forum for support.

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