Support » Plugin: LiteSpeed Cache » Great but need some improvements

  • tusharsethi69


    Overall great but it still needs some improvements to completely blow off WP-Rocket.
    1. Cloudflare Automatic Purge Support – Whenever LS purges local cache it should also automatically purge cache in Cloudflare (using cache everything rule in Cloudflare to serve cached files from Cloudflare)
    2. Alongside x-litespeed-cache header if it can also adjust it headers so page can be cached with Cloudflare cache-everything rule (expires header based on TTL + cache control to make it cacheable for that purpose)
    3. In my opinion, “Forced Public Cache” should not override “Exclude Cache”, excluding something means it is not cacheable and intention of “Forced Public Cache” should be to force “cacheable things” to cache as public cache but at present it override excludes rules and make non-cacheable – cacheable as public cache.
    4. Make specific ajax calls cacheable
    5. Make specific json calls cacheable

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