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  • David S


    There are alot of things about BuddyPress, that I love and I hope WordPress/Automattic continues to support it.

    It’s difficult to try to get support for this since the support forum takes you to the BuddPress site which requires a different kind of registration yet says it works with the registration (but I obviously can’t post there since it won’t let me log in).

    It would be great (and relatively easy) to enable some kind of SEO in BuddyPress or at least some kind of documentation. But it doesn’t appear to be there, which is kind of a big deal. If WordPress itself can have SEO, why can’t BuddyPress have at least some documentation on the topic to explain that it either needs plugins or doesn’t? This is something I haven’t been able to find any clarity on anywhere.

    Secondly, being able to log into a support forum to ask and participate would be nice as well. I’ll try a new registration and see if that allows me to ask questions there, but it hasn’t worked so far with any other accounts.

    After using BuddyPress several times on different sites, I know there is no way to set it up in less than a few days due to all the glitches and issues that will arise; such as the inability to block spam effectively, the lack of a captcha that works reliably, the fact that the Register page often will not show up in installations, and the fact that sites need to be redesigned often to accommodate the huge amount of widget space needed. So there’s nothing better yet for WordPress forums and the development for BuddyPress seems pretty much bent on just maintaining it at this point….so it is what it is. Forums and WordPress should go together like peanut butter and jelly, but they instead go together like peanut butter and popcorn; it’s rough, tough to swallow and digest, but could work in some situations where you have alot of time and patience to set it up and then to troubleshoot the massive amount of spam and glitches that will arise.

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