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  • I use this plugin when an old site goes through a major update and permalinks change and works perfectly for that, but you have to turn it off at some point. DON’T USE IT ON A SITE THAT HAS LARGE AMOUNT OF LINK CHANGES COMBINED WITH HIGH TRAFFIC, like multiple posts going up and down, like real estate listings.

    I just turned this off on a site like the above which has a large amount of posts going up and down. Before I turned it off, CPU usage was 275 minutes one day. The next day after I turned it off, it was 78 minutes. Basically that means it can hog system resources, and if you are on a shared server, this can get you banned from the server.

    I should also add the logs this plugin creates can take up a chunk of space on the database over time (maybe a database cleanup plugin would help with that?).

    So use it on most sites, but if you have a lot of traffic going to a site that may legitimately create page links that come up and down, as they might have to, beware!

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