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  • This plugin works very well BUT currently has a bug that requires fixing, if you’re comfortable downloading the plugin’s files, fixing 2 lines in one file and then uploading the fixed file and then NOT updating the plugin without re-editing that file (until the developer fixes it) then this will do what it says – take any Post or Page content and open it (without the header/sidebars/footer, literally just the_content() ) and open it in a modal overlay.

    Once the developer fixes this tiny error in his plugin, I would upgrade my review to 4 stars. I’d honestly give it 5 stars if the documentation was also clearer, while it’s truly a brilliant plugin, and offers nice extras in it’s settings as well as making it simple to change the default styles, the documentation is not for newbies. Understanding the correlation between manually selecting exactly what content on the Page/Post goes into the overlay (if you don’t want all of the_content) by wrapping that in a div with an id, and then DEselecting the “Use Rest API” option isn’t really clear at all.

    Overall I’m happy with it, and if the bug gets fixed so I can let auto-updating do it’s thing, I’ll be even happier and will upgrade my review.

    Want to know how to fix the bug yourself? (yes this has been reported in the Support forum for this plugin but the developer hasn’t fixed it yet nor replied).

    1. Download and unzip the plugin;
    2. Go to /public folder where you’ll find class-wp-post-modal-public.php;
    3. Search for the word ‘published’ (as of the current version 3.7.0 there are 3 instances on lines 186-188, only 2 require editing but you can edit all 3);
    4. Change the word ‘published’ to ‘publish’ – this refers to a Post Status, and there is no such status of ‘published’ in WP, it is properly called just ‘publish’;
    5. Save the file and upload it over the one that came with the plugin if you’ve already installed it.

    Remember that if you do this, it will get overwritten if the plugin gets updated, automatically or manually and you’ll have to re-do these steps until the developer fixes it himself.

    If you can do this, and patiently work your way thru the documentation, and do some testing, you can get it to work and it works great.

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