• With a few PHP modifications I was able to convert this into a really nice system for booking study rooms and meeting rooms in a college department. I had tested multiple other booking plugins for WordPress, but this was by far the best starting point. Developer could, and should, easily make it more generic and include more options in backend – for example, approve bookings by default (I has to this by modifying an SQL query, which I would have preferred no to be doing). Great plugin, but could be more friendly to non-developers.

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  • Thanks! I’m a single developer at a library and handle all of our web and sites as well as plugin development. I wrote this specifically for our library to replace a paid solution that was very hard to use. One of my goals from the start was to make it open source and release it to the community to help other libraries (and peolpe) in the same situation.

    This is my first WordPress plugin so I appreciate your patience. I am continuing to improve things and bug-fix as I can and there’s more coming, including internationalization, credit card processing and more customization.

    We do have a Facebook group for the plugin, too, if you want to have a more casual conversation about things over just official releases and bugs.

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    Well thanks for all the hard work! I’m hacking away at the source to meet our needs, but it is so well coded the work is minimal. Well done and thank you once more……

    What he said, but if I tried “hacking away at the source” I think the entire world would come to an end.

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