• The plugin works really well and so far it is meeting my needs. However, I wasted hours trying to update the plugin. It shows a message on the plugins page basically saying you have to register to upgrade. The links they provide are to PAID accounts. But wait, this is a free plugin, right? Is there a free account option you ask? Well, yes there is but it took me hours spread over a couple days to find out how to sign up for it. And sorry but I can’t tell you where it is cause I just stumbled upon it at one point and it is not obvious at all. Once I had a free account set up I could “register my site” and then upgrades worked fine.

    They need to seriously improve the messaging so that we understand what is required in order to update the plugin (or better yet, just let the free plugin update for free with no registration required like every other free plugin I’ve ever used). I’d bump my 3 stars to 4 if they made this clear and might even bump to 5 if they’d just let the free plugin not require registration.

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  • Plugin Author Amir Helzer


    For 3 days, Types ran with a bug that asked for registration to update. We fixed that bug and release a hotfix version just before the weekend. Sorry about this confusion.

    I updated my review to 4 stars based on the above comment from the author – assuming I see updates go smoothly when I use on a different site (where I don’t have the free site registration done) it will likely get bumped to five stars… it really is a very nice plugin.

    Plugin Support Beda


    Thanks a lot, @kairei.

    We appreciate your feedback.

    I wanted to let you know that the issue will happen with and until 2.2.15

    This means you need to do the below to update to the current version
    – Disable Types
    – Update Types
    – Enable Types

    That will allow you to update despite the nasty message and it will not happen again afterwards.

    Thanks Again!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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