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  • Bigue Nique


    Works as advertised! You’ll find 3 new tools under Tools > Import (WP admin menu).

    Allows creating balances by rewarding existing users for their previous contributions on your site (before myCred was set and configured) with a given amount of points for each type of content/event : signups, created posts, pages, comments, forums, replies, events and places (Events Manager), etc.

    There is an option to retro-date the events at the time the content was created, so at the end you get a point log that looks like myCred has always been there!

    Of course, the available options are less precise than the myCred “live” hooks themselves, but it’s still pretty useful to pre-fill the users’ balances according to previous activities. It’s just too bad the plugin doesn’t cover BuddyPress activities in the current state (activities and activity comments, friendships, group creation, group joins, profile updates, private messages, etc.). That prevents rewarding those users that have been mostly active socially. That would be a nice feature to add!

    Thanks for providing this as a free plugin! It really increases the immediate benefit of using myCred.

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