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  • So far I like WYSIJA/Mail poet a lot.

    Some things I wish you could do/were easier:

    Making sign up forms nice, adding color, changing fonts and font sizes, adding pictures, etc. I think there is a plug-in that you can use to do this, but I haven’t played around with it yet.

    I have found the stats (free version) to be inaccurate. I have only had a couple people unsubscribe but when that happens it never shows up. Also have seen newsletters with more clicks than I sent it out to and there was only one link.

    I would love to see a text only option.

    The good:

    You can do an auto responder, which is wonderful. Getting people on different lists is simple, and if they join another list it doesn’t duplicate an email.

    I like that wp interface, though I kind of wonder if it slows down my site some.

    Easy to use shortcodes and widgets. I tried php once and it didn’t work, but I think that is just my inexperience.


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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the detailed feedbacks 🙂
    There is no reason the stats could be inaccurate, if a subscriber unsubscribes from a newsletter he will show up as unsubscribed. I wonder exactly what happened here, if you think there is a bug, please contact us over here :
    We’ll be happy to diagnose this issue.

    We send both versions together automatically HTML and Text, why do you want a text only option ?


    Hi Ben! I mean I can send them only text, without the “theme” in the background and such. So that even without clicking to “display image” they would see exactly what I sent out. I like the look of just text emails, more personal.

    In terms of the stats, I contacted someone a month or so ago asking about them being off and they got back to me, but I still don’t understand why they are off. The one thing that I KNOW is off is the unsubscribe part. I think I have had three people unsubscribe (maybe 2?) but none of my newsletters show any unsubscribes.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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