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  • Hi guys,

    I have wordpress with gravity forms plugin to add forms with a product and options and the total down the bottom.

    When I create the form and click “preview” the total down the bottom works, but the problem is when I insert the same form into a page, the total at the bottom is $0 and when I tick the checkboxes for extras like $200 etc the total remains at $0.

    When I submit and go to paypal the correct total is there so it appears an issue with the display

    Also the text (+$200) appears after option fields in the preview but not when I put onto wordpress pages. I have tried in Chrome, Firefox, IE and same thing, total is $0 no matter what options I check

    I am using Studiopress Genesis theme but have tried switching to basic WP themes like TwentyFourteen and makes no difference. Have tried disabling most plugins but also no luck.
    Does work on another blank wordpress site though

    I suspect something on the page is interfering, a solution may be to create a page template that just has the form and not all the other javascripts and junk. All I would really want is my logo up the top and then the form. So even some help just to get a plain page with the form like how it looks in the preview window would do

    Would really appreciate any help, anyone?

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  • Hi guys, just to clarify the form totals work in preview and in posts, it works on pages on my test site, but not in pages on this studiopress genesis site, any idea what could be interfering?

    Also FYI if you tick on the top right hand side “Disable Sharebar on this post?” that causes the whole form to disappear

    I’m having the same issue. I have the Studio8 theme in use. In the preview it works fine, but in the posts and in pages the total stays €0,-. Hope someone had figured this out.



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    Sorry Esmi, I wasn’t trying to interrupt the thread. Thought it would be good that people know it’s a ‘frequent’ problem. Should help technolife also.



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    Hey erwin_m,

    I think it’s more a plugin conflict than a theme as for me when I switched to TwentyFourteen or basic themes had the same thing

    I solved mine as the problem was on Sharebar Plugin settings pages I had ticked to “disabled for pages” which causes the javascript error that prevent gravity form javascript to work. Even using plain template that javascript by Sharebar plugin will still included because its auto generated.

    Hope that helps- let me know if that works for you? Also you could disable the sharebar entirely, or try disabling other plugins especially social sharing ones

    P.S. esmi please be helpful or chill out! I’m glad others posted in the same thread so people know its a frequent problem

    I don’t use the sharebar plugin. In my case the problem is caused by my theme, thats my status right now. Cause it’s a commercial theme, I will ask the third party for support. Over here they don’t give support for commercial themes, which is ok by me.

    Thanks for sharing your solution.

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