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  • Hello…
    I’m new about pods and gravity forms, I’m facing problem when adding two pods feeds in one form:
    1- I’m create form with three pages
    2- first page content “user” pod that I extended to add three more fields (id card number, telephone, photo)
    3- second page content “instruments” pod with some fields
    4- third page content “sketches” pod with some fields
    5- when run this from: “user” pod updated by “User Registration Feeds” normally but photo uploaded WITHOUT ADDING TO DATABASE !!?
    6- “instruments” pod in second page: inserted correctly (I make relationship to retrieve list of old instruments if the customer need to update but as i know no way to update from same form, and i make ajax code to fetch all data and filling in fields)
    7- “sketches” pod in third page have some fields ONE OF THEM CALLED “SKETCH NUMBER”, So when form submitted, two pods items created in “instruments” with just “SKETCH NUMBER” data, and no item created in “sketches”
    8- when i disable on of feeds the other work correctly, So i thinks the bug here in the loop of creating items of pods…!??
    I hope to someone support and resolve the problem, and the upload user photo issue.
    Thanks & Best regards 🙂

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  • joshuaeaston


    I’m also getting the same bug.

    I’ve got two pods feeds configured for the one gravity form.

    • If only A is on, a pod record for A is created.
    • If only B is on, a pod record for B is created.
    • If both are created, neither are created.

    Log with both turned on:
    2021-11-18 10:52:59.282670 – DEBUG –> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Checking for feeds to process for entry #272 for pods-gravity-forms.
    2021-11-18 10:52:59.283121 – DEBUG –> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): No feeds to process for entry #272.

    Log with one turned off, one left on:
    2021-11-18 10:53:44.090830 – DEBUG –> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Checking for feeds to process for entry #273 for pods-gravity-forms.
    2021-11-18 10:53:44.091351 – DEBUG –> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Starting to process feed (#3 – Anchors Feed) for entry #273 for pods-gravity-forms
    2021-11-18 10:53:45.180571 – DEBUG –> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Marking entry #273 as fulfilled for pods-gravity-forms
    2021-11-18 10:53:45.182086 – DEBUG –> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Feed is inactive, not processing feed (#8 – Buoyancy Feed) for entry #273.

    Note that with two feeds active, it doesn’t even see any feeds to iterate.

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    I’m in the process of developing the next major 2.0 version of this plugin. I’ll include this in my list of things to look at, test, and fix when I get to that point.

    I have a similar Issue, for a long time now. And its a pain in the a**.
    Tried once on pods slack channel but didnt go further.

    For me two feeds work partially with one form.
    Feed A -> Works full, all fields are filled.
    Feed B -> Works half, a few fields are filled, a few not.

    What I was able to reproduce:
    If Feed A doesnt work and Feed B works: If I delete Feed A and create it new, it works.But Feed B stops to work. So it seems like only the last feed is created.

    Both feeds use conditions based on field values of the form.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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