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  • Can I use a gravity form field ID in the “3rd Party Field” instead of the field name? I need to send data from sub-fields to different form submission fields – exp. For the address field which has a few sub fields (for first address line, city, zip code etc.). I tried a few different combinations of using field id’s instead of text but the data is not going through at all.

    The field is called: Check Send to Address
    I’ve tried:
    {Check Send to Address (Street Address):22.1}
    Check Send to Address (Street Address):22.1
    ginput_full address_line_2

    Thank you,

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  • This is a good plugin, but the Gravity Forms Send to Third-Party plugin is a better option for an official Gravity Forms solution. Disclaimer: I’m the author

    I tried them first but they don’t work properly with google api and they have terrible support. They are just interested in promoting their products all over the web but they don’t follow up and provide actual support.

    Well I’m the author and I can tell you that’s not true, but good luck to you.


    I follow ‘Gravity Forms’ related posts here on the .org forum and noticed that the Plugin the OP is asking about is:

    Are you the author of that plugin?

    Instead, you are the non wp-plugin author you have listed some link to above?

    I’m confused. Should I be?

    @naomicbush I have my experience and documented communication that shows the bugs and lack of support from the plugin you say you are the author of.

    @swansonphotos@naomicbush is not the author of this plugin that I am posting a question about, she is promoting her own plugin that does something similar.

    @zaus would you be able to help with this question?

    Plugin Author zaus


    As the author of the actual plugin in question, I can state that you can refer to GF fields by either field id or label. But I don’t think the id shown on the gf admin page is always the same as what’s actually given by the plugin (especially for sub-fields). As I mentioned in the sticky-post on this forum (which I hope is still there) my advice in these situations is always “check the debug email”. It will tell you exactly what is available to map against (the “Post form” section).
    That said, check-boxes are somewhat tricky – in CF7 at least unchecked boxes don’t provide a value; I don’t know off the top of my head how GF conditional fields behave, but the debug email will reveal all…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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