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    We are using Gravity Forms on a website as an order form that also uses W3TC. We recently made changes to the order form to change it from one page to two pages and to add Stripe integration.

    A few weeks after this change, order entries periodically lose data when the order is saved. For instance, some orders lost the sales tax calculation. The total charged to Stripe was correct, so I know the sales tax calculation executed. But the value saved to the database was $0.00.

    When this first started, I suspected W3TC (since there were no changes made to the site around the time this first started). I changed the page cache settings to exclude the order form pages. This was about two weeks ago.

    From that time until yesterday, everything was fine. But now two orders (out of about a dozen) have been saved that were missing quantity values. Again, nothing has changed recently on the site.

    I contacted Gravity Forms, and they said it sounds like a caching issue, and to contact W3TC to ask for information about how to exclude Gravity Forms.

    I have now completely deleted W3TC on the site. I hate to not have caching of any kind on the site, but data loss is worse than slower load times.

    Can anyone provide some guidance on how to make this plugin work with Gravity Forms?


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  • Hi jdkoelsch,

    Have you checked your error log when problems occur?

    Are you using Database caching? If so, are you excluding your order form pages from Database caching?

    You may ultimately having to exclude all of Gravity Form’s CSS and .JS files from minification and/or concatenation as well. This isn’t true of all installs, but might be for yours. You might also just regress back to a one-page order form (which is better for UX anyway).


    Thanks for your reply, AJ.

    I was using Database caching, but had ensured that the order form pages were excluded. I had also excluded all gravity forms from minification/concatenation. Really, every part of W3TC should have ignored the order form pages, according to my understanding of the plugin (and from what I could see from the W3TC comments in the source).

    It’s nearly impossible to test this, since it doesn’t happen immediately, and I’ve not been able to reproduce it in our development environment at all. The cost of losing data is quite costly for this client, so I can’t justify testing any more scenarios on production. In this particular instance, a one-pager is not an option, so I’ve just removed the plugin altogether.

    Thanks again for your help!

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