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    I have a long form and when a user clicks submit at the end/bottom, they do not see the successful submission notification that displays at the top of the page. Is there a way to get that notification to appear at the bottom or have the page return to the top?

    Thanks in advance for replying.

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  • @4mulator

    Wouldn’t this be a question for your Form Builder Support?

    Not sure how this involves Popup Maker – perhaps I’m misunderstanding?

    I know in Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms, for example, when you submit their forms, the actual form goes away and all is left is the Success/Confirmation message.

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m using Popup Maker to display the form…


    I still think this is a question for Gravity Forms, have you tried their support? The popup doesn’t really have anything to do with the form success message.

    Anyways, shouldn’t the form disappear after they submit? Then nothing is left but the success message.

    Also, you might be interested in Closing the Popup on Form Submit.

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    @4mulator – Can you elaborate on exactly what is happening. When you submit the form does the popup stay open and get shorter but not scroll up, that is the only thing I can think of that makes since as to what your describing.

    Hello everyone…
    Don’t mean to highjack this thread
    but I am having exact issue stated above
    so I think it makes sense not to open a duplicate

    I am triggering a form via popup.
    After form submission confirmation message
    doesn’t display in popup. Pop up just banishes after submission.

    Problem is not in the form as I have tested the form
    outside the popup and confirmation message works in this way.

    You can see it here.

    <a href=”;

    Any suggestion highly appreciated

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    Please create your own thread as your issue is not the exact same as yours.


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    Yes! that’s exactly it. Apologies for my inability to sensibly describe it. Is there anything I can do about it? Thanks again!

    all the best-

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    @4mulator – I am assuming that your form must be really long, but the only quick fix that comes to mind is adding some JavaScript to the confirmation message that scrolls the popup to the top, or even when they submit it.

    <script>jQuery('#pum-123').animate({'scrollTop': 0}, 1000);</script>

    Should do the trick ^^.

    keep jquery in the header.

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