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    Hi Guys,

    I’m getting some slightly strange behaviour with this plugin. Hopefully there’s an easy fix.

    I think I might have a bit of a caching issue with the forms themselves on my site…

    I’ve installed v 2.7.15 of the tracker, and I have Gravity Forms 2.4.22 (the latest version).

    My use case is that I have some referring URLs out there. When people come to my site via a referrer and fill in my gravity form, I’m sending that lead to a tool called Pardot via an API and passing in some parameters. Ultimately I’m using this plugin so that when people land on the main site, I cookie their UTM params and referring URL, and then want to supply them to Pardot via the API.

    My source URL on the partner website looks like this:

    It’s working, sort of…

    I click on that link on the partner site which comes to my home page, including the UTM params – that bit’s working.

    Then I click on the “Contact Us” link which goes to the contact page. The UTM params are gone now, but if I look in the cookies I can see the following:

    utm_source = partner123
    utm_medium = web
    utm_campaign = campaign999

    I’m also really interested in the original referring URL. Cookie values are:
    handl_ref = (the page on my site they landed on – the home page)
    handl_original_ref = has the original partner’s website

    So all working well so far, however…

    When I actually submit the form, GravityForms doesn’t seem to be reading the cookie in my browser. In fact, it seems to be finding some previous values from somewhere and submitting them instead.

    Initially, I thought that this was just an issue with how I was testing – basically, I’m opening up new incognito windows and testing end to end. Obviously my next test was to ask one of my friends to go through the same steps – go onto a different partner website, click our link, and fill in the form. Surprisingly, his entry also came through with the same info that came in from my submission, not the values from his own browser.

    So, my question…

    Is it possible that GravityForms is caching these values on the server or something strange like that? I don’t understand why it is submitting old values, and not the values in the cookies/the values that came in via the URL.

    This might be down to my knowledge on how this all works. I also considered that if someone came to the site via a partner, left without filling in a form, and then came back later via another partner, I’d probably want the first partner’s details (although I’m not that bothered).

    Finally, I noticed that nice little tickbox “Append UTM”, which sort of resolved the issues but created a new issue – the forms won’t submit any values which are not explicitly in the URL params (like the original referring URL).

    Any ideas? I’m hoping I’m just doing something stupid here…


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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