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    So I updated a site to Gravity Forms 2, and it appears to have broken some of the Surbma styles. Is everyone else seeing this? The submit button still looks right, colors still look right, and I think font size, but like the padding on fields is now gone.


    As a side note, I don’t know if you want to add this to the plugin, but I figured out a cool hack to make the checkboxes much cooler, when using Divi (or at least Divi Builder). Here’s the CSS, description below:

    .gform_wrapper .large-checkbox ul.gfield_checkbox li input[type=checkbox] { visibility: hidden; margin: 0; width: 0!important; }
    .large-checkbox input[type=checkbox] + label { font-size: 16px; }
    .large-checkbox input[type=checkbox] + label:hover { cursor: pointer; }
    .large-checkbox input[type=checkbox] + label:before {
        font-family: "ETmodules";
        content: 'V';
        font-size: 36px;
        position: relative;
        top: 0.3em;
    .large-checkbox input[type=checkbox]:checked + label:before { content: 'Z'; }

    I used the class .large-checkbox to target specific fields, but it could be applied site-wide by just removing those classes from the CSS. The 1st line hides the default checkbox. 2 just increases the font size of the label text. 3 makes the cursor look like you can click anywhere on the label (since you can). 4-10 inserts, positions, and styles the unchecked box symbol from the Divi font. 11 changes it to the checked box symbol/character.

    The same could be done for radio buttons, but using the “[” and “\” symbols/characters from the Divi font.

    EDIT: I can share my form with anyone interested privately (to see the checkboxes or the lack of padding on fields), but don’t want it publicly linked to.

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  • Yes all my sites are looking not great. I manually changed one, but I’m keen to know when an update is coming so i don’t have to manually do it on all my sites.

    David Somerfleck


    When you say the padding is gone, do you mean the space between fields or something else? Is there any way to see screenshots of what’s changed? Thanks.

    Plugin Author Surbma


    Hi Tevya, endureweb and David,

    thank you for letting me know about the changes! New and fixed version is out, you can update it in your admin area. 😉

    @david I mean the space between the text entered into a field, and the gray box that forms the lines around the field. You can see in the fields here:

    @surbma I updated, and things look better, but the padding is still not right on those fields. I’ll check other sites, to make sure I didn’t add/break some CSS somewhere that’s overriding what your plugin does. I should be able to get to this later today, and let you know.

    It appears to be working on other sites, so the one I’ve linked to must be loading some CSS from somewhere that I can’t seem to find…. But yes, it appears to be all fixed, based on the other forms I’ve looked at….

    Okay, that one is now loading correctly as well. I think it just had some cached CSS on the server….

    Plugin Author Surbma


    Thank you Tevya for your comfirmation! I’m happy, it is working fine on all your websites.

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