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    On the home page of this site: under the title “Get a FREE 15% Discount Voucher” I’ve inserted a form using the GF widget. It displays just fine now, but when I turn on caching in WP Super Cache, it says something about the form not being found. Any ideas why? I’ve got lots of Gravity Forms (including via the widget) on other sites that are Cached with Super Cache. But this one bugs out.

    Thoughts? Insights?

    (and yes, I’ve contacted their support, and they’re at a bit of a loss)

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  • Here’s another site it’s happening on (part of the same multisite): but most of the sites on this multisite (GF & WP-Super Cache are network enabled) don’t have this problem. Just a few.

    I’ve fixed this: WP Super Cache must’ve been caching something from GF 1.6.x that was not working with GF 1.7.x. I went to /wp-content/cache/supercache and deleted the “” folder, and did the same in /wp-content/cache/blogs. This forces a full re-fresh of the site’s cache. Once I did that and reloaded the pages in an incognito (Chrome) window, to ensure I was not logged-in, they loaded up fine. I also checked the page source and confirmed that the pages were cached.

    There was no cache folder(s) for the site, so I just re-activated caching on it, and the form on the home page is working fine there as well.

    WP Super Cache, at least on Multisite, sometimes doesn’t fully delete or refresh the cache on schedule or when you click the button. So doing it manually like I did, fixes whatever incompatibility was cached from before the GF 1.7 update.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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