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  • I’ve almost finished pimping my blog to the max (at least for the moment). But I feature I would like to have is gravatars.

    Now I do know a decent amount of CSS, so I don’t need help with styling. What I really want to know is:

    1. Can I cope with just the default gravatars feature on 2.5?
    2. Will I require the plugin?
    3. Do I need to add template tags to my php files?

    Here’s some picture examples of what my blog is like (100% no features are currently turned on), and how I want it to be changed. Current screenshot is at the bottom, pimped version (how I want it to be) is at the top:

    X – Main Blog Post Area
    X – Comments Area

    One more thing, the page template MUST NOT include the gravatars. It appeared when I was experimenting with the plugin and looked horrible. Disabling it in the cp didn’t seem to do much either.

    So, any help with this, hopefully I’ve been clear enough. And sorry if this has already been asked before, I did have a search before hand but couldn’t find anything of help.

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