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    Have you contacted Skippy?

    Yes i wrote an email to him yesterday but no reply till now.

    You mean it’s showing random images rather than people’s own gravatars? Just did a couple of test comments to see what’s happening.

    Skippy has been around on the forums over the last few days, so he might see this. Otherwise, you might want to contact him directly through the comments on his plugin page:

    In the meantime, can you post the code you are using to insert the Gravatars in your comments.php?

    The code is here :

    I should tell i was working on this comments.php file alot.
    I was changing the template of comment.
    But i don’t know from a start did that gravatar work because i use local images.

    What exactly is the problem? It’s not clear to me what the problem is. I see gravatar images in the link you provided.

    Yes skippy, but this images are from local files, not the global gravatars.
    They didn’t work.

    It’s showing the random, presumably locally saved, gravatars rather than the commenters’ real ones. That’s certainly not my gravatar showing there….

    The plugin is serving random gravatars because it thinks that the commenters have no gravatars. This could be for a number of reasons.

    piotr82: Your comments.php looks fine. Have you enabled gravatar caching? If so, try turning it off (Options -< Gravatars).

    skippy you are the man 🙂

    i set cache gravatar to no

    the gravatars is now showing, but no random local gravatars now

    The URL being constructed for the random image is incorrect:

    You need a slash between wordpress and wp-content. Make sure that the “Default Gravatar Image” at Options-<Gravatars starts with a leading slash.

    Great,add that slash at the beginning :

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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