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  • KyleGM


    Err… the wordpress plugin it’s already there.



    Yes. Gravatar support is already available in WordPress and I can vouch that it works too!



    It works, but making them display properly requires hacking around with the PHP. Bleah.
    If anyone has a simple way of adding it to comments, I’d love to know. I had to make do with a small table because of the IE display bug (I had it float: left, but then the icon didn’t show up, even though it was there and could be clicked).



    There was an implementation bug in IE ? Surely not 🙂



    tables? … arghhh … no tables please!! 😉
    and it does not require any more PHP hacking than any other plugins. just upload the file to the plugins directory and activate the plugin. then add <img src="<?php gravatar() ?>" alt="" /> in wp-comments.php wherever you want the gravatar to appear. thats it!
    surely simpler than adding tables! 🙂


    I know this is going to sound very stupid.. but where do I put that in the wp-comments to show up next to the comment??? I’m totally new to php and I know I should be ashamed, but anyone?

    bump 🙂

    Also new to php…do I need to do something to the php file after uploading it to make things work, or do I just insert the above into the comment area. I feel like just inserting is wrong. I thought that it will identify peoples gravatars from their email addresses…am I totally off here? 🙂

    ok, ignore my post above…note to self…if all else fails, read more carefully! 🙂 Still unsure where to place script in the comment.php. Will try things, but if anyone knows, it would save a lot of trial and error! 🙂

    This is where I have mine, scroll down and find these lines
    <cite><?php comment_type(); ?> <?php _e("by"); ?> <img src="<?php gravatar("R", 15); ?>" alt="gravatar" /> <?php comment_author_link() ?> — <?php comment_date() ?> @ "><?php comment_time() ?></cite> <?php edit_comment_link(__("Edit This"), ' |'); ?>

    This will place the gravatar right before the person’s name in the comments.

    Shown in the comments section on my page:

    This was a really old post, but I found it very helpful as I was trying to implement this plugin on my comments page…Much thanks to Cariad for the code help! Chk out any comments at to see this in action. (Of course, until my sites visitors choose their own avatar at it’ll show the default on I’ve set it to.)

    That to me was part of the downside of using gravatars. In order to have a unique gravatar, the site visitor would have to elect to signup and submit their personal gravatar and have it “okayed” by the gods that be. I did signup; created, submitted and had approved my own gravatar. Not sure how many casual readers would do that though.
    The cool thing is that regardless of what blog you comment on, if they are using gravatars, it pulls in your personal gravatar.

    My implementation of Gravatar on
    please leave your comment to see how avatars look like!

    i know what you mean. i figured out how to right align the gravatar icons. at least on my site it works. to see my example, click here. i put this code in my comments.php file…
    on approx line 30 right after:
    I inserted:
    <img src="<?php gravatar("R", 40, "", "000000"); ?>" alt="upload your avatar at!" align="right" class="gravatar" />
    I found that the “align right” is the key. Hope this helps.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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