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  • richards1052


    For the past year plus, I’ve had my gravatar displaying in my comments section. I don’t even remember how I set this up but I believe I had it hosted at a gravatar site recommended in this forum.

    Now all I see is a blue ‘G’ gravatar logo where my personal gravatar normally would be. I suppose something has changed at the site where I hosted my gravatar. If you view the logo at this site:

    would anyone have any idea what might’ve gone wrong & how I can fix it?

    UPDATE: I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong. My gravatar was hosted at Looks like the site owner’s server isn’t presently working. If that’s the case, would anyone have any suggestions for what I can do to get gravatars up & running again? ANother plugin? ANother site?

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  • Dalby


    The Gravatar server is up and down like a yoyo at the moment but if you manage to get in check their blog page. Apparently they have made some changes which I think are stuffing up sites like yours and others I’ve been to today.



    Thanks, Dalby for that background. Maybe it’s just a temporary glitch.

    I’ve just been reading about the Gravatar 2.0 plugin. It is a lot more complicated to install than Tom Werner’s plugin. I’ve tried to follow the installation instructions w. little success so far. If anyone has installed this baby successfully & wouldn’t mind a private e mail exchange which would walk me through the difficult parts, I’d be grateful.

    Is it worth trying to install Gravatar 2 in terms of the benefits it provides?

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