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  • I have put up my new site Texas Direct Auto Auction in efforts to get better at wordpress and seo stuff.. practice and to get some ad money and ebay money..

    I am a graphics guy new to wordpress I like this adsense rich theme super adsense but can I put rounded web 2.0 looking buttons like black with a glossy top instead of this flat black where it says home, 2009 Vehicles etc.. for all them?

    I am very new to wordpress and coding is NOT my specialty.. it it can be done with graphics I would appreciate the advice to skip the coding..

    Also any critique or comments are welcome.. for pages I want to make an Car Images, Truck Images, SUV image then have some kind of cool gallery that stays inside the blog post area and does not disrupt my other areas.. doe that make sense.. I want whatever cool new plugin there is for images I dont know the names or exactly what I want but I want some flashy fancy looking gallery with pretty small thumbnails.. that could link to my other posts.. say if you click a jeep then it goes to my jeep post..

    also do you all like my header or would you make changes I am pretty decent at photoshop and 3ds max I like how this is coming out but I need to learn some code tricks to make it better..

    I am also trying to get lots of images on my site so google images and yahoo images will find me and get me some traffic..

    any advice for this?

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