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  • hey folks,

    i ve just pushed myself through wp101… setting up the UNO theme by graph paper press.

    i found someone who has the same theme but some funky customization, especially the ribbon logo in the top right corner:

    so i snitched their ribbon, altered it in photoshop with my own logo. copied the code using firebug for firefox4 (which is great for non-programmers like me).

    however when insert the code into my header.php file the whole page content just gets pushed downwards although i ve used transparency and all plus some extra lines of code that come out of nowhere:

    any ideas?

    also: are there any resources on how to make your site look less wordpressy by applying graphical elements? havent found any so far…

    any tips would be very appreciated!


    ps. i also like the shadow effect for the images …how is that done?

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