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  • Hi all,

    It is with a heavy heart I’ve decided to un-install the Graphene Theme for the time being.

    It has served me well for a year or so but recently the annoying white flashes when page changing has become too much to handle.

    Just did a brand new install on a brand new re-provisioned server
    and de-activated wp cache which comes with the default wordpress install and the problem still persists.

    I’ll still keep checking to see if the problem gets resolved but for now its time to head to pastures new. 🙁
    Thanks to the devs who worked so hard on the theme

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  • I’m having the same problem, not sure why.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Although i no longer use the graphene theme you could try shortlinking between menu items, posts and pages.

    i have no idea if that would work but it may be worth a try.
    good luck.

    Hi Sakino,

    Thanks for the reply, I tried your suggestion but no change.

    Also, something that might help figure this out.

    Using Firefox, I disabled scripts on the site via No Script and the screen does not flash from menu to menu.

    I don’t know enough about this, but will do more research.

    Maybe someone has an idea for me to try?


    Sorry to hear that zmokin, i honestly thought that may have worked.

    have you tried the other support forum?

    i know in the past when i had a problem with graphene that Syahir Hakim was the man to ask.
    if he don’t know then nobody does.
    Good luck 🙂

    i still moved on from the theme though because i needed a fully responsive environment.

    Deactivated all plugins and site seems to run normal with ‘maybe’ a little flash.

    However, as I activate more plugins, the flashing takes longer.

    Not sure if it is the way Graphene is loading plugins, whether it’s WP’s fault or what, but I haven’t had this issue with other templates so I’m leaning towards Graphene being the problem.

    I’ve used Graphene for a lot of websites and I can’t tell clients now to disable plugins until they are happy with the amount of flashing between pages.

    I’d hate to have to move to another template system as this one is so flexible and easy for clients to work with.

    I’ll keep researching but I’m not an expert on the underlying code so hopefully one of the developers can help.

    i can’t recall the exact moment the flashing screen started but i think it started after a wordpress update. 3.8.1 ???
    like you i disabled every plugin i had … i went back to the bare bones and it didn’t resolve the issue so i am fairly confident the problem is with the graphene theme itself.

    i feel your pain especially if you have clients that are running the theme as the glitch quite literally hurts the retina of the end user.
    it also looks quite un-professional when it happens leaving end users to think the the webmaster has a badly coded theme.
    good luck.

    I’ve now done a fresh install of WP and Graphene and still have the flashing. No plugins (other than Akismet) are installed/activated.

    My background image is down to 230kb which is pretty small, but even without the bg image it still flashes really badly in Chrome and IE.

    I dunno what to do anymore but to look for another theme which is a shame as I have been using this for a long time.

    I hope someone can figure this out for the future.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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