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  1. ken41
    Posted 4 years ago #

    our company, http://www.todaysgrowthconsultant.com manages 130 wordpress sites. we have google analytics on all. does any know of a tool that we can use so i can log in once a week and make sure that all sites are growing and be shown a graph, not numeric, but a graph that a site is now dropping in traffic?


  2. You're using GA, you can use that if you customize views.

  3. ken41
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Sorry, i'm not looking to see if a single site is going up or down, i'm looking for a one page chart, that shows the graphs of ALL sites at the same time so if 1 or 2 sites are now dropping, it's easily noticed on the graph because 128 sites will show growth up and to the right and we'd see 2 sites going down and to the right. any ideas for that master graph? thanks in advance. -Ken

  4. You'd need to use GA and custom design a chart for that. There's no plugin that does that yet.

    Look for things to compare seaprate sites, ignoring the fact that it's a multisite.

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