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    5 PM: All (four) links to Pages are not visible anymore on the main page. I can view some using direct links, and open it via [edit] link down the page, but no changes can be implemented.

    6 PM: Single post are not visible anymore. There are only the latest one on the main page. The Admin Panel says there are still 4 Pages and about 160-170 posts, but you cannot see/edit them. If you want to, it says “nothing found”. The Comments are still there in the Admin Panel, visible and edit-able.

    7 PM: The main page content disappears. The Admin Panel says: 0 Pages, 0 Posts, comments are still there.

    When it all started, I copied all files from server, but when I exported the base file it was only 1,69 MB or so – just the comments I believe. Any help appreciated.

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  • PS. If it means anything, myPhpAdmin says: wp_posts — in use. Screenshot:

    I’m wondering whether your database is corrupted.

    Whatever you do (and whatever is the answer), I’d back up the database immediately, if you haven’t done so already.

    As I mentioned, I backed it up, but at that stage it seemed to include only comments.

    Also, I cannot publish any new posts (but I can edit comments). Is it possible that a PART of the database is corrupted?

    Could be a locked table

    Try running a repair, it should unlock the table in the process.

    Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately there’s an error and “operation failed”. Here’s the log:

    If you have a backup of the data before this problem, you may be best served doing a restoration.

    Clearly the table does need a repair, but that’s obviously a problem to.

    Have a chat with your host and explain you’re having problems repairing a table, perhaps they can offer some suggestions.

    It may also help to post your problem on a MySQL support forum, i don’t personally know what those kind of errors mean or relate to.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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