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    I’m using Grace Instagram Feed Gallery plugin for my client’s site, and the feed is not updating automatically although it’s set for ‘Every 5min’, only loading the new feed when it’s manually turned off/on.

    I’ve followed this instruction, and cron task is present so there should be any issue with it.

    What could be the reason behind it and how can I troubleshoot for this? Could it possibly be related to the Instagram’s Rate Limit? (because if it’s so ‘Every 5 min’ should not be an option to start with).

    Any pointer would be greatly appreciated!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Thanks for your response. I’d already contacted them and they told me “ask hosting guys to check cron and CURL settings, blacklists, firewalls, etc”. Is there any specific setting that I should be checking with hosting company beside those mentioned above?

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    Hi, without access it is not easy to give advice. Usually, this happens when hosting software (or third-party WP plugin, or config) fails.

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    @awesomeoman I’ve deleted your offer to login to your user’s site. I’m am 100% sure you mean well but please never ask for credentials on these forums.

    Now for the why: The internet is a wonderful place full of very nice people and a few very bad ones. I’m sure everyone here is very nice however, by giving some ones keys to your house you are trusting they wont steal anything. Likewise the person who takes the keys is now responsible for the house FOREVER.

    If something was to go wrong, then you the author may well legally become liable for damages, which they would not normally have been as their software is provided without warranty.

    Please be aware that repeatedly asking for credentials will result in us asking you to repeatedly stop before escalating up to the plugins team.

    There are many ways to get information you need and accessing the user’s site is not one of them. That’s going too far.

    You get the idea.

    Volunteer support is not easy. But these forums need to a safe place for all users, experienced or new. Accessing their system that way is a short cut that will get you into real trouble in these forums.

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    @awesomeoman if you want i can provide my website credential. Because problem is not solve yet.

    Hello i have the same problem. 😐😐😐

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    @coder618 If issue still appears, please contact us

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    @robertocr If issue still appears, please contact us


    I am still having the same problem. I would discard curl dissallowed because it works when the cash is being refreshed. It just doesnt update in time.


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    @bbuuggyy Hi, please contact us regarding your issue.

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    The same problem. And it’s not “Resolved” yet. As I can see feed updating does not work for topic starter.

    I have a woocommerce plugin (full version, with a lot of plugins) and a grace instagram v1.0.1.54.

    You’ve done the most comfortable plugin to work with, but autoupdating make me sick ))

    May I write the update time manually by editing grace inst plugin?

    Thank you.

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    I have the same problem as well. The cron runs (I can even trigger the ffi_load_cache manually) but the feed will not update. If I go into Grace’s settings and toggle the Live update off and then back on, it’ll force a feed update, but as far as I can tell, the ffi_load_cache cron even does nothing.

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