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  • Yes, gPress work with WordPress 3.0 – in fact, it ONLY works with WP 3.0+ and is now also fully compatible with the Automattic mobile applications for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone – allowing you to geo-tag posts, add geoRSS to your site and start tagging places.

    We recently updated the installation instructions too:

    mjw architects


    well I have got it to activate and ‘places’ has come up. Excuse my ignorance but how do you get it to show on the web site in a post?

    At present, if you want the places to show-up in the normal post loops, as opposed to being in their own loop, you need to add a query_post before the loop as follows:

    query_posts( array( 'post_type' => array('post', 'place') ) );

    This will show posts and places…

    If you want to run a loop with only places, you just need to add:


    We will try to add this in naturally within the next version so that no modifications are needed to be made to the theme files.

    Nonetheless, all “places” that you do make can be reached regardless of editing the theme file, which depends upon how you have your permalinks set. There is not much documentation available on custom post types and permalinks at this stage.

    FYI – The latest version of gPress ( allows you to control the loop for the homepage of whatever theme you are using.

    Now you can show posts and places, just posts, or just places.

    Access this option from “Advanced Settings” tab on the gPress Options page…



    Can you support buddypress CMS

    BuddyPress integration is pretty high-up on the list, for sure. We will be getting there soon, but what exactly do you envision…?

    What are your priorities for BuddyPress support, what do you need…?



    I want users to have their map + post features displayed on their profile page & one for groups.
    Awaiting plan for gPress v0.2+ because this could give foursquare run for their money.



    I am having problems using gpress plugin with my wp theme The Gazette Edition theme from wootheme.
    The display for each post is over-lapping each other and not good,when I enable gpress!
    Please test out on some themes here to sample!

    @gpo1 – do you have the example online so I can take a look…?

    At this stage, all testing has been done on the default Twenty Ten theme only, but can’t imagine what might be the problem…

    It’s either a conflict in CSS or… To be honest, it’s hard to say without seeing it in action…

    Are you saying that after activating the plugin it messes up the style of all the normal posts, or that just the geo-tagged posts and places are messed up…?

    Could you please confirm whether the same problem occurs after you switch the “Loop Settings” from the gPress Options to “POSTS ONLY”…?

    If you sent me a copy of the theme I could take a better look to see what the specific problem is, either that or put it online somewhere and give me the log-in details.

    Not sure how to private message you with my email address though…?

    @gpo1 – I should be releasing v0.2 later today if I can finish off the Foursquare integration I am working on. I’ve changed some of the CSS, so that might help, but I will not know for sure unless I can see it in action somewhere…



    Here’s my site with gpress enabled

    @gpo1 – I took a look at the site and have a feeling that version 0.2 will solve your problems, but am having some issues of my own getting the Foursquare integration to work online, which has delayed the release a little. Would suggest you deactivate for now and try again with 0.2

    Perhaps it’s worth following us on Twitter to know as soon as the new version is out –

    Thanks again for your support and sorry for the problems…



    I’ve disabled it & following you on twitter.
    Keep up the work & foursquare integration which would be a big hit!

    FYI – Version 0.2 has just been released…

    This means that gPress now boasts the following features:

    1. Places (with Image + Description)
    2. Types of Places and Place Tags
    3. geoRSS Support (for places)
    4. Favorite Place Widget
    5. Recent Places Widget
    6. Map Options per Place + Geo-Tagged Post
    7. Support for Native Mobile Applications
    8. Ability to Geo-Tag Posts (if using Mobile App)
    9. gPress Options Page with Component Control
    10. General Map, Brand and Credit Settings
    11. Custom Heights per Place, Post and Widget
    12. geoRSS Support for Geo-Tagged Posts
    13. Extended geoRSS Support for Place Info
    14. Custom Markers per Place, Post and Widget
    15. Shortcodes and Inline WYSIWYG Text-Editor Assistance
    16. Multiple Places in Single Map (via Shortcodes)
    17. Marker Clustering for Maps with Multiple Markers
    18. Foursquare Integration (view Friends + Your Locations)
    19. BuddyPress Integration (Geo-Tagged Sitewide Posts)



    I’ve set up foursquare but it doesn’t work or display on my blog post only the map. no Foursquare Integration (view Friends + Your Locations) to view
    Also when I post a blog via mobile I get gpress script code displayed on it. and there’s no widget for it.
    Any ideas?
    here’ the link and check for ‘Thumbs up #me’ blog from front page

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 63 total)
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