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  • Hello All.

    I am currently building a simple portfolio site for a client, using WP3.2.1 and GPP Slideshow plugin. I have the images positioned in the centre of the page, and want to place the image caption above the images and description below. Using the plug-in’s built in ‘show captions as default’ doesn’t seem to be an option as no matter what CSS edits I perform I can’t seem to stop the text from sticking directly to the base of the image.

    I am hoping there is a simple php call I can insert into single-gallery.php to facilitate this, however everything tried up to know has failed.

    On a side note, I am having to centre the image using the depreciated <center> tag, which I am not happy about, but nothing else works! e.g. margin:0 auto;

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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  • hi dungey

    i find i can position the caption setting the “top:” and “left:” properties of the “.flex-caption” class

    unfortunately i need to show not only the caption, but also the description of the image, any idea?

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