• I’m a bit confused now.
    Some say GPL themes cannot be modified and/or redistributed while others say it can.

    For what I know, I can edit and redistribute GPL stuff, right?

    So, what about themes? Can I use for example a GPL theme as my base and edit and tweak it until I have got a different output and then release it as my own?

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  • A great post, particularly as I’ve only just responded to this one.
    I think this question would stir up a large number of differing views.
    GPL is of course the foundation on which we’re all working. Open Source projects benefit us all, but also open up a huge can of worms.
    The greatest part, is that plugin and theme developers on the whole give us wordpress users the freedom to edit and change their work freely, but I do feel strongly that they still retain full intellectual rights to their original work, and this should be credited.
    Therefore, for me, the answer would be no, I don’t believe tweaking a theme or stylesheet is enough to release the theme as your own work.
    From wikipedia

    Hmm.. I won’t really take the theme as my own, I would still credit the original author, but would release a modified version of the theme on my blog (of course with credits for the original author)

    Would that be alright?

    I guess so but persnally I would contact the author for permission.

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    For what I know, I can edit and redistribute GPL stuff, right?

    As long as you do not

    1. Put anything in your theme baring people from doing what they please with it (totally modifying and re-distributing it),
    2. include a copy of the GPL license (or a link lately dunno why), and
    3. do not change the license,

    then you’re good to go.

    Thanks for the headsup.

    I’ll gonna try editing some of my favorite GPL themes and make their comment templates 2.7 suitable. And I will also try to add some new edits to the theme that my friends and readers may like 🙂

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