[closed] GPL Themes for Money do i understand the GPL right? (35 posts)

  1. GPL products can be sold.

    Someone can legally take a GPL product and give it away for free.

    Someone can take a GPL product that was free and charge for it.

    Money doesn't factor in to GPL. GPL means I can buy StudioPress and edit the code. GPL protects me, the end user, more than StudioPress, but me, being a pretty decent person who understands how hard making a living can be, wants to reward StudioPress for being awesome and therefore pays for the product and the support. I'm happy, they're happy, and I feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

    If you want to take someone else's hard work, pay for it, and give it away, that's on you. No one here will stop you, though we will (and have) expressed our personal opinion that we think it's a mean move and unethical.

    If you're just looking for someone to approve and condone your actions, good luck. The forums are all Pro GPL and Pro Supporting Pay-for products :)

    ETA: I actually don't own StudioPress's themes and have never used them.

  2. redanimalwar23
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Studiopress:Our business model won't change, and we'll continue to supply quality themes to folks at (very) affordable prices to people who value their business.
    Putting all of our themes on your site might get you a few hits of traffic and will continue to confuse users. Neither of which are beneficial the community as a whole, and definitely not the "spirit" of the GPL.

    Rofl u beleave yourself at what u are saying? very affordable? $80 for one theme? no private option? no nice low price while others like thematic are free.
    hybrid is a very nice business model i think after comparing it to studiopress.
    - free download
    - $25 USD a year
    very tricky model he lets u download for free but no real documentation on the site and u cant read his posts ;) i managed to resist (2years ago)

    And again u think in terms of hits. I dont really - like i said (until now). And i confuse people? Nothing could be far from the truth that this! I point out that its legal to copy your themes and give it away for free and now they all dont have to pay and can improve and look at the code at github i am not claiming that i am the big messiah and really doing a "big help" to the community with this but its more then dont giving ppl a download link to free GPL software and forcing ppl who dont want to pay that much to go do shady sites where they upload the themes to 1 click hosters like its warez. Not presenting easy accessable information in your site that everything is to 100% GPL on purpose ... to prove me wrong at this point just put the GPL information up to your site right besides the buy buttons. In fact i do the exact opposite of confusing. I point things out like the are! And u can repeat your faulse statements 1000 times this will not make them true. If u really beleave that i confuse ppl then u lie to yourself to make your buisness look good or whatever. And i am not talkign about my opinion here! Its a simple fact that i am not confusing anyone when i tell them its legal to copy your stuff. I am actully surprised of your last post because b4 you not made total reducilous points like @Ipstenu.

    Well funny: I was about to type that its wrong to say that what i did was "against the spirit" actually i am not sure right now. because i dont know of such a case where someone took the work of others and put it out for free legal. But i am new to this strange business model anyway so this does not mean mutch. Anyway lets pretend that am acting "against the spirit". I am doing this because studiopress refuses to give a download link to free and GPL software. Because they act against the spirit.

    Te be Clear (@fonglh): "The Spirit" is not what is legal by the GPL the spirit is what ppl do with it. and 99% of the developers do it not this way. there are many models: 2 diffrent things like wordpress.org and wordpress.com. or dual licensing. or just free but pay for support ... thats the „Spirit“! And it quite logical because the software is free to copy they all give a free download because its legal to copy anyway and ppl copy software anyway even its its not legal. So maybe we are both acting „against the spirit“ but i a proud to make free software free as free of charge. And to be fair its not only studiopress as i know now there are a lot of others doing the same thing.

    Btw: Can somebody point me to (well known) software outside of wordpress that has that kind of model?

    It gets really annoying hearing this „Its unethical“ over and over again. U stated that

    Don't. It's stealing.
    thats to funny i like to repeat that. Calling copying GPL stealing muha. U suggest i should use another programm because i dont have want to pay. And u would be a very good suggestion if it where not GPL ;). Why sould i treat GPL software like its not free? And thats another point and u helped me make it ;)

    <ETA: I actually don't own StudioPress's themes and have never used them.

    So why are u here all the time repeating your „Unethical“ endless?

    U know what unethical? Unethical is to look away while your country is invading country after county, killing 1 million irakies, being not informed that there are many proven false flag operations by governments and/or doing nothing about it! Well i stop bc u don’t wanna hear more or u close this of Off Topic.

    And this „hard work“ repeating is annoying as well. Sure it did need a lot of work in the beginning its a great framework. But now its a Money making Machine. What does it need now? A Few ppl who get payed to help in forums and a few devs who update some stuff. I am sure a expert dev at studiopress can create a child theme in one day easy. And the child themes are not even that great there are pretty basic. They speak about how to sell stuff, how to use email to sell stuff because its „more private“ … they think in terms of hits, and sells … they are all about persuing ppl to buy stull they dont really need …

    I bet there are more ppl working on spamming twitter and facebook ... with advertising that actually working on devellopment. There target audience is wordpress professionals and that kind of ppl. No low price option for private blog ppl and hiding the GPL fact and no download …

    I have one Question in the end: Is Genesis some kind of Trademark. If ppl would start a fork like „Open Genesis“, “Genesis advanced“, „genesis two“ or something like that would u sue them? Actually i am surprised that this not have happend already (I mean a well known fork).

  3. bgardner
    Posted 4 years ago #

    For what it's worth, the GPL doesn't require us to provide a download link. StudioPress and the Genesis Framework is covered by trademark, and our CEO practiced law.

    Just saying.

  4. fonglh
    Posted 4 years ago #

    "The Spirit" is not what is legal by the GPL the spirit is what ppl do with it.

    "The Spirit" is the intent behind the wording, not how people choose to interpret it.

    The GPL is meant to give you freedom, not free stuff. That is its intent, or "spirit". You don't see it because you don't differentiate between the 2 meanings of free.

  5. Samuel B

    Posted 4 years ago #

    ok - this has been done to death

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