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  • I like Disqus as a commenter, and so decide to give them a try on my website. And I like the idea of an improved comment system on my website. But unfortunately, Disqus doesn’t provide an improved comment system on my website.

    Disqus provides a comment system for their website for visitors of my website. And since I am building my own website, it doesn’t make sense to stop building my website, cut it in half, and give the other half to Disqus.

    In fact, I find it fairly dishonest to advertise a GPL plugins capabilities when those capabilities aren’t met with the plugins code, but through signing up for another service. Especially when the service is designed to load another brand and logos near the page footers, display external advertisements, and load three third-party links into the main web site.

    One of the third-party links isn’t even a Disqus link, but a link to a market spyware system named scorecardresearch which takes over the web browser of visitors. The third-party site appears to sell this information to their undisclosed clients, which for all anyone knows may be direct competitors. So from one GPL plugin, you give away a large portion of your website to Disqus, and enable some other business to spy on your visitors.

    Having been presented with numerous information attacks based on trackers over the past few years, I’m going to have to say, thanks but no thanks.

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  • I have just installed the plugin. It did not integrate well with social logins, i.e. you had to be logged in to Disqus too to comment. This is confusing so I decided to uninstall it.

    Reading your comment here I get worried. What do I need to do to uninstall it so that I get rid of those extra things that comes with Disqus here? Is deactivating/uninstalling the plugin enough?

    I uninstalled it, and it appears to have uninstalled fine.

    The Disqus system is actually a decent system, my qualms were the process visitors go through to get to comment is like a big sales pitch for another system.

    Another issue I’ve found with testing plugins and uninstalling them, is that many leave “_transient” and “_site_transient” entries in the wp_options database.

    I tested so many plugins that this turned into a denial of service attack on my page load time, because the options list was loading over a meg of junk.

    After deleting all these entries, the database for options went from over a meg to about 100k, and page load went from 5 seconds to half a second.

    If you don’t want to manually manage the database, get some optimization plugin that will manage it for you.

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