1. herytuj
    Posted 4 years ago #

    as stated in http://www.slidedeck.com/terms-and-conditions.html

    slidedeck pro license is violating GNU GPL license in all possible ways.

    Why wordpress organization did not yet sued this BS ?

    they are totally violating even GPL for php code, everything in this license term is against GNU GPL
    ..And as we well known PHP Have to be GPL as derivation of wordpress which is GPL

  2. Yes but....

    WordPress only has the ability to enforce that which is in the repository. So the tl;dr takeaway here is this:

    1) Haters gone hate.
    2) You won't get support for slidedeck here due to GPL.
    3) Too many people sue.

  3. herytuj
    Posted 4 years ago #

    yes but do you know about the famous wordpress vs THESIS case ?
    example /google/ or http://mixergy.com/chris-pearson-matt-mullenweg/

    as far as i know, thesis never were inside repo...

    everybody who violate gpl should have their brain violated

  4. ... Right.

    It's a different thing. No one's going on a witchhunt,and if they were, there are bigger fish to fry than slidedeck.

  5. herytuj
    Posted 4 years ago #

    i would go for witchhunt...
    Dura lex, sed lex..
    Law is harsh, but it's law

    slidedesck is ,as Matt Mullenweg said in this video i gave link before, DISRESPECTFUL for all members of wordpress, including me and you


    Yes it is, but I guess here's the thing: suing people is expensive, not necessarily productive, and doesn't really help the community. And it's expensive.

    I pretty sure the WordPress Foundation wasn't set up for suing people...

    And have I mentioned that it really doesn't help the community? It surely doesn't.

    Also while IANAL I have read and re-read those terms and I really do believe that you should not attribute malice when just plain accidental ignorance on their part might actually be the problem. Companies get boiler plate verbiage all the time, why assume bad intentions without discussing it with them first?

    WordPress plugins and themes are derivative works, no doubt about it. But just like themes, the JavaScript and CSS may not be derivative and that may be the portion represented in that terms and conditions. I don't know if that's the case; I generally do not overly concern myself with the great wide ocean called the Internet... ;)

    DISRESPECTFUL for all members of wordpress, including me and you

    Please see my above statement. Honestly, I suggest you NOT attribute negative things about them.

    Edit: Quick edit, just be positive instead.

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