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  • I heard that GPL licensing requires that if you make a derivative work, it must also be under GPL and allow the source code to be downloaded.

    Does this mean if I change the source code of my blog, or if I build someone else a website based on WordPress and I modify the source code for it (for a profit), must I them provide the source code for my client’s or my blog?

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  • It is in the license you get with the doanloaded package…
    a) for your own blog you don’t have to do anything – since that is not “distributed”.
    b) for clients, yes. Practically, installing it on their server you hand them over the code, but it should remain open source.

    Thanks for such a quick reply! Just to make this crystal-clear for me. Are you saying if a client of mine wants me to use WordPress to build them an e-commerce site (and this will entail changing some source code within WordPress) I must provide a means for others to download the source code on the site I built?


    I never said that. But you have to hand over the code to the client(s) with the same rights: they can copy, distribute etc. You can NOT make it proprietary code.

    I am reading all this from the license…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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