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  • Plugin Author Eli


    First, have you tried both the Quick Scan and the Complete Scan, and do they both end with the same results?

    When you say “nothing happens” do you mean that when you click the Scan button nothing at all happens as though you are not clicking the button at all or does it load the Scan page but the it just frozen or something?

    When you say “not loading properly” do you mean you are getting an error or the page just looks wrong?

    Can you send me a screenshot?

    I really want to get to the bottom of this and fix it for. I would be willing to look at it first hand if you want to send me your WP Admin login. You can email me directly if you want: eli AT gotmls DOT net

    It doesn’t matter if it’s complete or quick scan, the result is the same. The scan page doesn’t load at all and it’s basically frozen. I have to close the browser as well. A screenshot wouldn’t do any good because it’s not going to show you anything other than the screen you see when you click on Run Scan.

    Is the newest version still compatible with WP 3.5.2?

    Thanks for the offer but I don’t allow anyone access to my WP Admin area.

    Maybe I’ll try deleting the plugin and reinstall it.


    Plugin Author Eli


    Yes, the newest version is still compatible with WP 3.5.2.

    I completely understand about not giving out your login credentials. But you have given me nothing to work on. A screenshot would at least explain to me at what point you are getting stuck. When you say “The scan page doesn’t load at all and it’s basically frozen” it confuses me because, in my mind, those are two different things that cannot happen at the same time. So I’m left wondering “is it not loading at all OR is it loading but then freezing?”

    I’m sure we could write back and forth all day but a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m just trying to be efficient about helping you solve this issue.

    Here is a few things to you can try:

    1. Try different browsers to see if it returns different results.
    2. Try scanning only the plugins at first to see if it can handle a small set of files.
    3. If it freezes on the Complete Scan, try firebug or an element inspector with a javascript debugger to see if there are any error on the frozen page.
    4. If using the Quick Scan try a small amount of files, like just the gotmls folder inside the plugins directory, and wait a while for it to finish in case it’s not really frozen but just really slow.

    Let me know how that testing goes and I’ll help you troubleshoot further.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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