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  • I have been an affiliate marketeers for 7-8 years.

    + This has some major pros like; freedom, additional income, opportunities and creativity.

    – But it also has some major cons like; being depending from 1 traffic source. And all tools seem to be build for advertisers/webshops which causes tracking issues.

    For this reason I started to explore drop shipping. Which turned out to add a lot extra things to worry about. Like; ease of being copied, product qualities, returns and customers service.

    Last year I discovered We Can Track which opened up a whole new world of opportunities. Before I only did affiliate marketing with SEO. And now with We Can Track I could optimize my SEO pages based on real revenues.

    I also started to use my drop shipping skills in Google Ads and Facebook Ads to start promoting my best converting pages with PPC campaigns.

    After 3 months of testing I decided to shift my focus back to affiliate marketing. I even put my freelance work on-hold to focus more on the affiliate domains, pages and campaigns i’m running.

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