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  • Hey guys,
    I got WP installed and it’s up and running with no issues. I was wondering is there anyway to change the installed directory afterwards?

    For ex. right now, I’ve installed under, can I change it to instead? Can I just go in there and change the folder name or do I have to edit some config as well.

    I also have the gallery2 plugin as well, not sure if it’ll break if I just go in and rename the folder.

    Any suggestions is greatly appreciated! 🙂

    Thanks in adv!

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  • Don’t know about the gallery plugin – ask someone else.

    If you just want to rename the folder where WP is installed, follow these steps:
    1. admin > Options > change the two URI values to the new one
    2. Do not try to open your blog in a browser!!!
    3. In case you missed #2: Do not open it in a browser 😉
    4. Rename the folder via FTP
    5. Now you can enjoy your blog at the new location.

    However, in case you want to move your install, follow the Codex:

    Thanks moshu … but I might have broke it! 🙁

    I followed your instructions and when I changed my URI values to the new one, and clicked update options it gave me an error.

    The requested URL /newdirectoryname/wp-login.php was not found on this server.

    I closed the window and tried to re-login and now I can’t. Pls help!! 🙁

    It worked for everybody else till now 🙂
    Anyway, follow this:
    and change back the URIs in the database.

    d’oh 🙁
    I followed the instructions and when I try to get back to my original url, I’m getting this error.

    There doesn’t seem to be a wp-config.php file. I need this before we can get started. Need more help? We got it. You can create a wp-config.php file through a web interface, but this doesn’t work for all server setups. The safest way is to manually create the file.

    Any suggestions?

    I really have no idea what are you doing wrong. Since my previous post I went and checked again, changing the name of the folder on a test installation twice: once from the Options, once from the database and it always worked.

    (Actually, after your first trial you were almost done – except the next step wasn’t login, but open the blog in the new location)

    hey moshu, thanks for the replies.
    One question, after I changed to the new directory in the two URI values, do I hit update first or do I change the name on the FTP site then hit update?

    I tried both ways, both ways didn’t work, if I hit update first, it tries to access ./newdirectoryname/wp-config.php if I hit update after I changed the foldername on the FTP side, it errors with ./olddirectoryname/wp-admin.php

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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