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  • Do you have Go daddy shared hosting and are you having an issue with anything at all? Like site speed and getting hacked?

    First off when you’re with Go daddy on shared you need to remember that on the “4gh” hosting you’re running Apache 2x. You also need to remember that part of web development consists of server configurations.

    Go daddy isn’t that bad and they really do have a 99.9% uptime, the problem is they won’t configure the web server for your site and they definitely won’t configure your php. The thing is when you get a Go daddy shared account (because it’s cheap) you need to remember you’re creating a website on a virtual directory. The security of the mainframe server isn’t compromised but that doesn’t mean that your php/sql scripting isn’t.

    If you really want to start a fast running WordPress blog and host it anywhere then you better get ready to read a lot. If your site is already slow you should try running it through the website “” this site will give you a complete readout of modifications you can make to your site for speed. You want something to compare it to? I am running a Linux/Apache 2 (“4gh”) shared hosting account through Go daddy and my site rocks like a dedicated server you can run the URL there and see for yourself. It’s not that hard from that site either, all you do is Google the errors you get there.

    As in “how do I (insert site error here) on a WordPress blog?”
    (do you think tech support does anything different?)

    Once you have your site scripted correctly for speed and everything is modified on the server specifically to produce optimal performance you need to look at security. Go daddy doesn’t give a crap about your php code, so you need to or pay a restore fee. If you don’t know anything about scripting at all I wouldn’t try to tackle this on your own, it’s a waste of time. You should instead hire a php developer for a week and have him solidify your ground script and set the site so it’s easy for you to maintain. Php coding degrades over time and can be left open to attack, but a well written script will rock your world ’til the end. Some of my hardcore developer friends are still running php4 on their sites without a single security issue.

    Either way you hire a developer or you get some sort of security plugin. Go daddy has an awesome scanner and it does wonders as well as give you access to a higher tier of support than you will ever get with them, but I am not here to sell stuff, it’s only something I recommend when you find your time is more valuable than doing the aforementioned steps.

    When you break the whole thing down and you actually work on your site instead of just write a bunch of crap and expect it to run like a boss, you will find better results, save thousands of dollars and save yourself a giant headache.

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