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  • Hi there WordPressers!

    I’ve been getting the infamous [Got error 28 from table handler] error on my website. I’ve searched the forums and everything seems to point to it being a problem with my ISP. E.g.


    But I’ve since spoken to them and they say:

    Thanks for your ticket – firstly please allow me to assure you that the servers’ disks are far from full!

    Further out of more than 200 sites on the server only two are affected and both use WordPress. No other software package on the server is reporting these issues.

    As you can see from from the following google search this is a common issue:-
    whilst WordPress are advising people this is a hosting issue it is doubtful that the problems experienced by so many users on so many different hosts can be down to the servers rather than an issue within the software code.

    We tried rebooting the server and cleared all temp directories – this had no effect. Clicking the ‘repair database’ worked and your site resolved fine.

    Repairing the databases had no effect for me. The site is still down. I also run a demo site off a different MySQL database and that has the same problems today also. That makes me think it’s a problem with my host by they are denying it.

    They have also suggested that it’s a problem that they cap the maximum number of concurrent MySQL connections. They won’t tell me what this limit is but could this cause my problems? Yesterday I had 168 visits and around 1100 hits on the site. That’s not particularly heavy traffic is it?

    The host seems to say it’s a problem with WordPress but I don’t think it is. Any more info on the problem would be appreciated as I’d like to move webhost if it’s a problem with them!


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  • MySQL themselves have detailed information on the bug and how to resolve it. It’s not a WP issue.

    It is a filesystem issue. Whilst, they may have free space on the server, they need to check the filesystem in which MySQL uses.

    Out of interest, who are your webhosts?

    Thanks for the info Ifelse.

    I’m using Site HQ. For my first webhost they seemed to be ok but they tend to say that it is someone else’s problem! It’s a bit annoying as I just want some resolution of the problem.

    You’re in the UK I see. Any recommendations for a different webhost?


    You’re in the UK I see. Any recommendations for a different webhost?

    I’ve found that there’s no need to look for a specific UK host. Many of the US based hosts offer better service, prices and features.

    I personally use (the very popular) Dreamhost and have been happy with the service and prices.

    Other providers which are well considered include ASmallOrange and TextDrive (who host as well as many other major sites).

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check them out. I’ve heard lots of good things about Dreamhost.

    MarcL – once I happened to have the same error; and here is what a decent host is supposed to reply:

    “Sorry for the problem.
    A critical server directory had overflowed causing this issue for MySQL.
    We have corrected this error, and are taking steps to implement safeguards in order to prevent a recurrance of this issue.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or issues to report.

    That sounds like the sort of webhost that I want moshu!
    I feel really stupid when I talk to my current host even though I’m a programmer myself (albeit not a web programmer). Time for a change I think!

    I’ve just been checking out DreamHost and they seem to offer 2GB of webspace and 120GB bandwidth per month! Compare that to my current 150MB space and 3GB bandwidth it’s seeming like I’ll be moving soon!


    I’ve got the same prob, and is only with WP:
    my /tmp/ is empty.

    It’s not WP’s fault but administrator’s fault.
    The VirtualPrivateServer’s tmp partition is only 128MB… Shame to the hoster.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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